Become a corporate partner

We are excited to offer industry related companies across Australia, the opportunity to cross promote and advertise your business with us at a fraction of the price than any other advertising medium available to you today. It’s a cost effective, and measurable way, to advertise your business

We believe our membership club can complement other industry related businesses and help with further promotion, market penetration and widening, as well customer loyalty, by driving more of the transport industries, drivers, owner drivers and  fleet owners, to your door.

By negotiating a trade deal that your company is willing to offer our members, we in return can offer you:

  • The opportunity to attract more customers with less effort and less money
  • Promotion of your business and/or sales promotions on our website, social media pages, via SMS and email plus quarterly newsletters
  • Direct marketing to your target market
  • Video Blog spot on our “TTT Segment” (Tips for Todays Truckies)
  • B2B Cross Promotion opportunities

Frequently asked questions

Once you have defined your offer and provided us with your business logo, we will go ahead and design an advertisement for you. Once you have approved the graphic design, your ad is uploaded to our webpages and other online mediums. This gives you an unlimited audience and it’s a powerful way of reaching your target market and beyond. We will endeavour to consistently re-promote your ad on Facebook page monthly along with adding it to our newsletter, emails and SMS. We will also book you in for a spot on our ‘TTT Segment” (Tips for Todays Truckies)

Quite simply this can work for any business in the transport industry. As a retailer by offering a trade deal that you are happy to pass on to our members, it will help in driving business directly to your door. As a wholesalers you can benefit by way marketing your business to other retail businesses whilst also marketing your product for your currant retailers.

We have kept simplicity in mind when creating our membership. Members are issued with a Membership Card printed with a member number and barcode. In the case of phone or online purchases, retailers are welcome to check with us to validate membership.

Choosing the perfect offer/trade deal can be a dilemma. TSAA will not tell an advertiser what to offer, however, we can offer a number of factors to contemplate when considering your trade deal offer.

  • You want your offer to perceive to have value by your audience.
  • It needs to be compelling enough that they should choose your business over another similar one.
  • We encourage the KISS principle. (Keep it simple stupid/sweetie)
  • Carefully cost your offer to ensure positive impact on revenue and not a negative one!
  • Evaluate what area of your business you would like to promote. Eg: a product you want to move, trials or service you want to promote etc.
  • “Gifts with purchase” tend to encourage more product/service usage more than a discount will.
  • Do your financial analysis of the promotion. You want the offer to benefit your business in all way!

Advertising packages start at $297 for 12 months.  All packages include

  • 24/7 Website advertising.
  • Monthly Facebook Advertising
  • SMS and Email directly to Members
  • Video Blog spot on ‘TTT Segment.’
  • Ad in promotional booklet

Additional packages available include advertising with Australian Custom Trucks.

  • We ask that you display a sign and sticker in a prominent position advertising your acceptance of the ‘Truckies Club’  members.
  • You are welcome to run with just one promotion a year or change it up every few months. The choice is yours!

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