Supporting our Industry, our Drivers and our Families!

We are an idea formed through wanting to improve the image of our industry, gain better deals for our drivers and build a support system for our industry. We want to help influence industry change, build an appreciation for those that carry our country, and help create opportunities for our industry to support our own.

Here at the TSAA we know how amazing the truck driving community is, and, how willingly they will pull together to help others in need. Many times they are called upon to help others and always they go above and beyond what they are asked!  However, it can be difficult to find the help we need when the hardship is in our own backyard! It is therefore our mission to be of service in helping guide those in need to where they can find help, save money for our families through our ‘Truckis Club Card’, be a voice,  support events or even help initiate events in our industry.

How does it work?

Members are issued with a ‘Truckies Club Card’ which will give them full access to all deals and discounts on offer from all participating businesses across Australia. There’s no need for paper coupons or vouchers and there’s no limits to the number of times a member can access that same offer!

The ‘Trucks Club’ also lends us the opportunity to form relationships with many industry related businesses across Australia. Leading us to help not only in promoting their business, but also in helping to drive more customers to their door.

Working alongside, and together with other industry related groups, businesses and associations, has afforded us the opportunity to reach out to more of our industry for the benefit of both our members and businesses. These partnership have enhanced our mission to becoming a voice in influencing industry change and widens our access to much needed support networks.

It is with the greatest of hope and desire that finally we have a network of people that will willingly and diligently work towards the greater good for our industry. We can’t change the laws, or circumstances that happen, but we can help pull together as one and bring the brotherhood back to the most important industry in our country!