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EFS & TSAA – Raising Funds Together

The  TSAA business plan for 2016 includes launching our fund raising initiatives! It’s our mission to be there to help our members in times of tragedy, sickness or accident. Its at these times when things can get very stressful and sometimes an helping hand is just what families need. Currently in our industry we have no where to turn when challenges strike, but if you have been a member with the TSAA for 1 year or more, you can turn to us.

Helping us launch into our fund raising with a fabulous deal for all, are EFS (Environmental Fuel Systems) They’re offering a 15% discount on Fuel Tablets with $5 from each of those sales coming back to the TSAA Fund Raising initiative.  Keep your eye on our home page in the new year for the ‘Balance Beacon’

So who are EFS?? David Martin is the Managing Director and was a truckie for over 20 years so he understands the challenges vehicle owners face daily. The constant battle with keeping costs down

  • fuel consumption
  • repair and maintenance
  • high emissions
  • age of vehicles

Just to name a few. EFS will help in all these areas. Wherever diesel or petrol fuel is used, they can offer a superior technical solution to combat these challenges. Their products are used in such applications as commercial freight vehicles,  industrial machinery, public transport and cars & motorcycles etc.

So what are the benefits??

  • improved fuel economy
  • Better performance
  • Smoother idling
  • Faster and smoother acceleration
  • Prolonged engine life
  • Dramatic reduction in exhaust emissions
  • Easier starting.

Internationally recognised independent tests have been conducted with outstanding results. So in a nutshell this will save you money whilst significantly reducing harmful exhaust emissions by providing the technology that makes fuel burn better. For more information give David a call on 0432 962 171 and to order head to Don’t forget to enter the TSAA code.